The right set of skills within the desired budget

Considered to be one of the most thriving metropolitan cities in West Africa, Dakar has become a growing hub for Africa’s startups where both local and foreign players have settled into.

Yonutol is a leading player in the online fresh food delivery SaaS (software as a service) industry helping farmers to seamlessly run their delivery operations as well as handle their online presence.

In the beginning, Yonutol struggled with its development capacities due to rising costs and being unable to find the right skills locally. The company needed to ramp up rapidly to get its product on the market before someone else took the spot.

Our approach

Technical expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit

The Sentu LLC team worked with Yonutol to fully understand their needs in term of skills, pace and budget, to get the most out of a positive outsourcing experience. Our main objective was to accomplish the goals that Yonutol had set. In order to reach and even exceed these goals, we built tailored teams around the project, equipped with the skills and talent they needed.

We offered Yonutol the flexibility to ramp up or down a team as needed and assisted them further with our experience of tech startup ecosystems. Having a partner with both entrepreneurial know how and technical expertise were critical resources that made Sentu LLC a highly valuable partner for Yonutol.

Given those benefits, working with us was an easy decision to make.

The solution

Building healthy and stable startups

  • Augment the Yonutol team with four developers and testers to allow the company to focus on its core competencies
  • Overcome the struggle of finding the right skills locally by matching our developers’ skills with Yonutol’s requirements
  • Speed up their development pace by pursuing weekly sprints and milestones
  • Ship out a web responsive application with no delays

Our expertise doesn’t stop here:

Entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in our DNA. We work to build healthy and strong startups. We offered Yonutol to be part of the Sentu LLC startup program, which provides founders the technical and funding support they need to get their project off the ground. Yonutol is part of Sentus’ investment portfolio.