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United States / Canada

Main Technology

PHP – C#

Other Technologies

Angular – React

The Challenge

The premise of the application itself is simple:

  • A centralized application for Bell’s managers, Employees and Customers to set up, manage and schedule appointments with all Bell’s brands

But in truth, it does much more than that – it allows a major global telecommunications company to interface with its customers in person.

The Background

This application was originally developed as a CakePHP application – for the customer UI, Admin Panel, and API.

As it evolved to meet the organization’s needs, new customer UIs were added and the CakePHP customer UI was phased out.

The API required updates as well and a decision was made to modernize / migrate the old code base to a new API v2.

While the customer UIs and API have migrated, the legacy code application still powers the Admin Panel.

In order to manage this separate projects in one system, this application was Dockerized.

Nginx was installed with a reverse proxy and the compiled files for the UI were moved to the legacy code webroot folder so that they could be served from there.

The Nginx config is what serves to route the incoming requests to the new UIs in the legacy code, the Admin Panel in the old tech, and the API modernized.

Tools and Technologies

We used these tools to complete this project