Who we are

At Seentu, we’re dedicated to make our clients’ technological experience easy.

Since day one in 2007, We only ship products built with modern standards, and optimized for performance on all types of devices.

Strategy, creativity, and technology form the foundation Seentu and that’s why we work in agile, cross-functional teams with our clients as partners, and users as our focus.

Our Work Methods


Make amazing softwares to help humanity thrive. We do that by making people love working on cool and meaningful projects. Seentu is a human oriented company that uses cutting-edge technology to build and deliver awesomeness.


We deeply care about human and environment are dedicated to go the extra mile to ensure that our software enthusiasts deliver world-class technologies with joy and without harming the world we're living in.

We're hiring..

Yes we're, if you like what read so far, please drop us a line. We're hiring amazing developers (backend and frontend), data Scientists, UI/UX Designers and just you 😉